SchoonemanDesign realizes Kunstroute Amstelveen

Jun 24, 2014

The name Amstelveen consists in 2014-50 years.

Routekaart Kunstroute AmstelveenThe city itself has a long history of over 700 years. One of the activities in this anniversary year is an art route as cultural linking the two important museums in this city: the Cobra Museum and the Museum Jan van der Togt .

With great pleasure , Jan Verschoor, director of the Museum Jan van der Togt and gifted artist , Han Schooneman , director of SchoonemanDesign and Rien Alink , former councilor of Culture, worked on the realization of this route.

With modest means is a good results after a year of intensive preparations , We can count on a great enthusiasm among the Amstelveen professional artists , a total of 61 entries !!
Have designs on the panels and flags / banners given a place along the art trail . The original works will be in the month of August of this year yet again seen in the Art Library of Amstelveen.
The Art Trail runs from 17 April to 26 September , at both museums can be started and there is a beautiful book with all works of art free to anyone who is going to run the Kunstroute .
The map contains the complete brochure and a list of sponsors can be downloaded as an app for both Apple and Android – Kunstroute Amstelveen –

An event where SchoonemanDesign has worked on with pleasure.