Your stand as a Marketing Tool

Effective participation at an exhibition is a important part of your overall marketing and communications strategy and calls for an integrated approach.

SchoonemanDesign designs and build stands since 1984. A standconstruction company based in Amsterdam with an international allure. With customers for which we realize allready for decades exhibition stands. Both, leading companies with famous brands, as starting companies who are still building their brand, are at SchoonemanDesign at the right place. A stand we build with great skill.
SchoonemanDesign translates your briefing into a stand design that fits your strategy.

Effectiveness of exhibition construction is also determined by the design of exhibition stands. We apply the latest techniques and materials and sustainability is the Keyword for SchoonemanDesign.

From SchoonemanDesign you can expect excellent technical and logistical stand presentations that will match your strategy. So you can present your company optimally.

Benefits of SchoonemanDesign as a stand builder:

– Advice based on functionality, creativity and originality

– Quality supervision, execution and decoration of your exhibition stand

– Concept and design that matches your marketing strategy

– Project management of your exhibition stand

– Storage and management of all stand materials

“The best possible return on investment !”

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